LISTEN: CPD defends use of pepper spray on protesters

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Police are standing by the decision to use pepper spray on demonstrators that took over High St. Monday night.

Chief Kim Jacobs says those that took their demonstration into the street did not have a permit, and there's a legal process for doing that, but, "It's not fair to all the people that do it legally to allow others to do whatever they want to and just take over a street without having permission and without having the right resources available."

Jacobs cited samples like the Columbus Marathon and the Komen Race for the Cure.

Proesters on Monday were demonstrating against President Trump's executive action on immigration.

Police say there were some in the crowd that were prepared to escalate the situation, like some wearing gas masks.

Jacobs says the pepper spray was used when those in the street when they ignored numerous warnings to clear the area. She adds in all, over 70 vehicles responded, taking resources from other parts of the city. 

The Chief also references the 2015 National Championship game, when Buckeye fans ignored warnings to clear High St., near the OSU campus, as another instance when police used pepper spray.



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