Sanctuary Cities Center of Legislation by Mandel, Rep. Keller of Middletown

An unconventional approach to combating illegal immigration in Ohio is being taken by the State Treasurer and one State Representative, both Republicans.

Treasurer Josh Mandel and Representative Candice Keller held a joint news conference call Monday morning to announce legislation aimed at 'Sanctuary City' legislation.

"This concept of 'sanctuary cities' spits in the face of immigrants who are trying to do it the right way and come here legally," Mandel said. "Unfortunately, you have mayors like [John] Cranley in Cincinnati and [Andrew] Ginther in Columbus who look at radical Islamic terrorist attacks throughout Europe and totally ignore them."

Candice Keller, a Republican State Representative from Middletown, says big city mayors are demonstrating a tone-deafness to the people who put them in office. "They want to feel safe in their own community and their concern is that local politicians are acting unaccountable to them," Keller said.

Mandel and Keller say an elected leader would be held civilly and criminally liable for an illegal immigrant within their cities.


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