Right to Not Unionize Bill Introduced in Ohio House


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- The right to opt out of union representation and not paying the union dues is the basis of a bill just introduced at the Ohio Statehouse.

State Representative John Becker, a Union Township, Clermont County Republican says he's introducing it a second time in hopes that it will gain more traction.

"The unions' biggest complaint, or opposition, to right-to-work is, they say they are still required to represent non-union workers in the bargaining unit," Becker says. "It does not get into contracts. It's very simple. It just gives the workers the choice, the freedom, to join the union or not, or pay the fair share of fees or not."

Becker claims it is no longer if Ohio joins "the chorus of Right to Work states, but when," he said.

House Bill 53 is awaiting referral to an Ohio House Committee to be considered for a full vote.


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