PewDiePie Offended The Wrong Group

So,  YouTuber PewDiePie has made millions upon millions for Disney saying all sorts of outrageous things. He has encouraged he drinking of urine. He used the "N" word in videos and nobody at Disney flinched. But NOW he has gone too far. I am not a huge follower of PewDiePie, but I can't understand the outcry. The guy is a comedian. He says things that "everyday" people may not say. By the number of subscribers he has, there are lots of folks who find him funny, interesting or at least curious enough to follow him on YouTube. 

Perhaps he should have stuck to making comedy at the expense of White, Republican, Christians. That group seems to be fair game for anyone. Bet Disney wouldn't have gone all Jungle Book on him. The link to the full story is below, as well as a sample of PewDiePie's work.





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