Forensic artist's pictures hopefully will identify Marion murder victim

MARION, Ohio (WTVN) -- The Ohio Attorney General's Office and the Marion County Sheriff's Office have released facial reconstruction photos of a man who is believed to have been murdered almost three decades ago.

It's hoped the photos will lead to an identification of the man whose remains were found in July of 1989 in a creek off Harding Highway East.

He is believed to have been a white man between 22 and 35 years old, between 5'9" and 5'10" tall, and about 140 pounds.

“This man was someone's family, he was someone's friend, and he is someone who deserves to be identified after all these years," said Attorney General Mike DeWine.

"We hope this new model will look familiar so that we can finally identify him and hopefully even find his killer," DeWine said.

It's not know yet if the man lived in Marion County or in another part of the state or country.

Anyone who may be able to identify him is asked to contact the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 740-382-8244.


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