Browns Rookie Jabrill Peppers Denies Drug Accusations

There was a bit of a firestorm up in Cleveland this week, caused when WKNR radio personality Sabrina Parr accused Browns first round pick and Michigan product Jabrill Peppers of using recreational drugs. 

Parr, who was fired by the station, said Peppers is "not going to make it because he's on the Lean and the Molly."

If you're like me and are not up on that lingo, the lean is a drink made of promethazine with codeine, Sprite and Jolly Rancher candy. Molly is slang term for Ecstasy. On Friday, Peppers arrived at Browns rookie mini-camp and faced Parr's allegations head-on. 

"Whatever drugs she said I've done, I've never done in my life," Peppers told reporters." Among the reporters on hand was's Mary Kay Cabot, who posted some of Peppers comments.

Peppers became linked to drug use during the NFL combine when word circulated that he tested positive for a diluted sample. While a diluted sample is not a positive test for illegal drugs, it is a red-flag, as users often drink water and other liquids prior to being tested to mask the existence of improper drugs. Peppers has steadfastly denied using drugs and says the diluted sample was due to the large amounts of water he was drinking in Indianapolis to prevent cramping.

As he arrived for mini-camp, Peppers was asked if the Parr controversy and the whispers of drug use would be a distraction as he begins his NFL career. 

"No one's going to take this moment away from me. I don't care what it is," Peppers said. "I've worked my whole life to get here. I'm happy to be here. I'm not going to let what people say about me ruin the best moment of my life."

You can see more of what Peppers had to say in this video posted by

Peppers was just an observer at the Browns practice Friday. He did not participate but it had nothing to do with the controversy. His agent advised him not to practice until his contract is finalized. Browns coach Hue Jackson indicated that Peppers deal could be done soon.