Violence in Kirkersville becomes a teaching tool

KIRKERSVILLE, Ohio (WTVN) -- Teachers at Kirkersville Elementary School will try to turn last week's violence into a teaching tool. 

Administrators say students returning to class Monday will learn how bad choices have consequences and that school leaders will work to keep them safe. 

Parents are being asked to share details of the shooting appropriately with their kids.  

Kirkersville's police chief and two nursing home employees were gunned down Friday by a suspect who later took his own life. 

There was a prayer walk through Kirkersville Sunday night to honor Police Chief Steven DiSario along with the two nursing home employees who were shot and killed. 

The family of one of those employees believes the shootings could have been prevented. 

Relatives of Marlina Medrano say gunman Thomas Hartless had served less than one-third of a 90-day jail sentence for assaulting her in March, a sentence they say he should still be serving. 

They want to know why Hartless was released early, despite a rap sheet of violent crimes.

(Photo courtesy ABC6/FOX28)

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