Body of 2nd kayaker found in Scioto River



MARION, Ohio (WTVN) -- Search crews in Marion have found the body of a second kayaker believed to have drowned in the Scioto River.

Around 8:15 Wednesday morning, the body of Raymond Williams, 28, of Marion was found about a mile south of a low-head dam off Prospect-Upper Sandusky Road. 

Williams' kayak and life jacket were located near the dam on Tuesday.

A day earlier, crews pulled the body of Williams' friend, Tyler Webb, from the river.

It's believed Williams may have jumped into the water in an effort to rescue Webb.

Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey is reminding people to play it safe, whenever they go into any area of water.

“Tragically we have had three drowning deaths in the past week in Marion County", Bailey said.

And the sheriff said, "Anyone entering any area of water should be an experienced swimmer, have someone with them who is also an experienced swimmer, know the body of water they are entering, and wear proper safety equipment such as life vests." 

Bailey noted low-head dams are especially dangerous, as swimmers can't tell from the surface of the water what kinds of dangers may lurk deeper.