Woman hopes "Lebron in lint" will help Cavs

CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -- An artist from the Cleveland area has created an 8-pound bust of NBA star Lebron James - out of lint.

Sandy Buffie says she used 30 gallons of lint, 3 gallons of glue and various recycled materials to create the sculpture she's dubbed "LintBron."

The lint was gathered through donations of a gallon bag of lint from 30 people.

Buffie says it took her five weeks to build the statue. It now sits outside of her design studio in Cleveland.

She encourages people to stop by and rub his head for good luck ahead of Friday's game 4.

Buffie made a similar sculpture last year, which she says helped Lebron's Cleveland Cavaliers win the basketball championship.

The golden state warriors lead the Cavs 3-0 in the NBA finals.

(Photo courtesy of J.A. Adande/Twitter)