Host of Gender Reveal Party Wasn't Pregnant

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WTVN)--Police in Colerain Township, near Cincinnati, say the woman who hosted a gender reveal party, that was the scene of a fatal shooting last weekend, was not pregnant at all.

Police Chief Mark Denney tells sister-station 700-WLW that they have been given bad information that was given to them on purpose, leading them down the wrong path in trying to find the shooters. 

On July 8th, a gunman opened fire at a home where the party was hosted, killing one person, and injuring nine others, including the host.

The host initially said she lost the baby as a result of being shot in the leg, but police did later learn the host was not pregnant.

The victim of that shooting was identified as Autumn Garrett.

Police do not know why they were misled with regard to the party host's pregnancy. 

Police are still offering a $10,000 reward for info leading to an arrest in the case.