CPD Union votes "No Confidence" for City Leaders

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Union representing Columbus Police Officers has given a "no confidence" vote to the city's Mayor, City Council President, and Public Safety Director.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Police Union President Jason Pappas says the vote was unanimous Thursday for Andrew Ginther, Zach Klein, and Ned Pettus.

The vote follows the firing of Officer Zachary Rosen, who was filmed by a bystander appearing to kick a handcuffed suspect in the head, during an arrest back in April. 

The Police Chief recommended a suspension of 24-hours, or three days of work, for Rosen, but Pettus opted to have Rosen fired.

Pappas tells the Dispatch the comments from Ginther and Klein regarding the incident determined they came to a conclusion about it before a proper investigation was completed.

A disciplinary panel in the department determined Rosen used an "untrained technique" in the arrest.

Pappas also argues that the department has not been funded adequately, in the face of growing responsibilities, a rising homicide rate, and the heroin epidemic.

Pappas adds public safety has seen its percentage of funding decline in recent years, even as the city has collected more in revenue.

(photo courtesy ABC-6)