Beer Sales This Fall at Ohio University Peden Stadium

ATHENS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Fans of the Ohio University Bobcats football team or any of their opponents during games at Peden Stadium in Athens will be permitted to have a brewski during games on the "OHIO" campus this fall. (Photo credit: Ohio University Media Relations)

It's the first year of a policy switch by Ohio University.

"We do surveys for our fans, and we got a lot of fan feedback that they would like to see beer sales during football games. So in response to our fans' needs, we decided to pilot beer sales this year," says Carly Leatherwood, spokesperson for Ohio University.

Leatherwood says the university and its vendor, AVI, will not be selling beer at the side of the stadium where the student seating area is. She adds, there will be a second, alcohol-free zone, where non-drinkers can take-in a game.

Ohio University joins seven other universities selling beer during football games.

16-ounce cans of Bud Light, Coors Light or Miller Light will be on sale, sold for seven dollars per, in addition to Jackie O's 16-ounce drafts for eight dollars per.