LeBron James Weighs In on President's NFL Comments

File photo: LeBron James

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- The face of the Cleveland Cavaliers praises the NFL and its players for their response to President Donald Trump's tweets over the weekend.

"It was solidarity, and there was no divide, even from that guy who continues to try to divide us as people," Cleveland Cavs' Small Forward LeBron James said during a training camp media day avail Monday.

James' comments come after professional athletes across the country have shown varying degrees of response to President Trump's tweet, describing what he would say if in charge of an NFL franchise. The president made it clear he would fire any player kneeling while the Star Spangled Banner played.

Several NFL team owners, including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, have praised players for speaking their minds for or against the President. Conversely, NASCAR team owners Richard Childress and Richard Petty have indicated they would fire any driver who refused to stand for the national anthem.

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