Spike in Overdoses in Columbus leads to Three Deaths

NYPD Chief Bratton And NY State Attorney Gen. Schneiderman Speak On The Community Overdose Prevention Program

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Public health is putting out a community advisory, regarding a recent spike in drug overdoses across the city.

The agency says three people have died in the last 36 hours as a result of the surge, and the most notable change is that fentanyl is now being mixed in with other street drugs, not just opiates. 

Offiials are urging those who may know someone who is using drugs to get naloxone, and if it's administered, to call 9-1-1.

Columbus Public Health Medical Director Dr. Mysheika Roberts said, “While naloxone can be used to quickly save a life, the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of people misusing drugs. We are encouraging naloxone use for life saving purposes along with the use of substance abuse programs for people who are ready to quit.”

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