OSU Trustees to Hear From Victims of Dr. Richard Strauss

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Ohio State University Board of Trustees will set aside time at their next meeting to hear from alleged victims of Dr. Richard Strauss, the former Physician with the Athletics Department who is accused of sexual misconduct.

Dr. Strauss died in 2005, and served the university from the late 1970's to the late 1990's. Dozens of former student-athletes have come forward alleging that Dr, Strauss inappropriately touched them.

The Board of Trustees will set aside 20 minutes at their meeting Friday to hear from victims.

The university has brought in their own firm to investigate the decades-old claims, with over 100 former student-athletes sharing their stories with that team.

Dr. Strauss served with teams including Wrestling, Track and Field, Swimming and Diving, and the Student health Center.

(photo courtesy The Lantern)

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