ANOTHER Democratic Candidate Joins the 2020 Race

Over the weekend, President Trump issued the first veto of his presidency rejecting legislation to overturn his declaration of a national emergency to fund a border wall. A dozen Republican Senators broke ranks with the president, but it still doesn’t mean they don’t support his immigration efforts. Ginger Gibson, political reporter for Reuters, joins us for the veto and more Democrats jumping into the 2020 race.

Next, in the midst of a nearly day-long outage for Facebook and Instagram last week, it is easy to think most people are just mad they can’t get some fresh memes or cyber stalk their crush, but what you may not realize is that when Facebook goes down an economy goes with it. Ashley Carman, tech reporter for the Verge joins us to talk about the people who build business on these platforms and lose out when Facebook is offline.

Finally, you’ve been hearing a lot about addiction to smartphones and how to limit your time in front of screens.The ironic trend happening now is people getting more tech? People are opting for getting a companion device, a second minimalist phone, with limited functions so they can ditch the larger phones. Sarah Krouse, reporter for the WSJ, joins us for how more tech, could help you break your smartphone addiction.



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