Randoms-Food Items Stolen at Work, Amazon Sells Inflatable Hunk for Pool

Would you give up drinking to live 10 years longer? A majority of drinkers say no. A new survey found that 57% of drinkers say they wouldn’t be willing to give up their favorite adult beverage – even if it meant adding a decade to their life. 58% of smokers said they wouldn’t quit for that extra 10 years and 56% of respondents said they would rather keep eating fatty foods than live longer. (Study Finds)

Is bad grammar a relationship deal breaker? According to a new survey, 23% of respondents said they would break up with someone over bad grammar. 88% of the women surveyed said grammar is pretty important when seeking a partner – and 75% of men felt the same way. And 75% of those in a relationship said they have had disputes with their partner over bad grammar and spelling. (The Ladders)

Come on in, the water’s fine …No squeeze to take to the pool party? No problem. Amazon is selling an “Inflatable Hunk” pool float. Yep, for only 19 bucks, you can float around with your very own pool boy – complete with six-pack abs. (Whiskey Riff)

Seems the old saying is true …When people get bad news, they “blame the messenger.” A new Harvard study found that, overwhelmingly, when people get bad news, they are unhappy with the person who gave them the news … even if the person had nothing to do with it or had no control over it. (Harvard Business Review)

Are you a food thief? A new survey found that 40% Americans admit to stealing food – whether from a partner, a co-worker, or a friend. Needless to say, a lot of that food thievery takes place in the office. 41% said they’ve dealt with a co-worker stealing food from them, and 60% said they actually had to confront somebody about it. 33% say they have simply stopped taking their lunch to work because of food thieves.

So where is the food being stolen from? 38% said they’d had their food stolen out of the office fridge and 25% say somebody has stolen their food out of the microwave.

Here are the Top 10 foods most likely to be stolen at work:

  1. Chips -- 31%
  2. Fruit -- 28%
  3. Candy -- 27%
  4. Coffee -- 26%
  5. Juice -- 26%
  6. Milk -- 23%
  7. Bread -- 22%
  8. Ice cream -- 20%
  9. Lunch meat -- 19%
  10. Nuts -- 17%

But while co-workers are notorious food stealers, according to the survey, the biggest food thieves in our lives are actually our partners. (SWNS)

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