Randoms-Summer Trends, #1 Country for Frozen Pizza, Fun Couch Facts

  • National Honesty Day: A good day to come clean.
  • National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day: A good day to adopt a pet.

Does your social life need a boost?Get a dog. It is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, after all. A new survey found that 50% of dog owners say they have made friends while on their dog walks. And 16% say they know someone who has met their significant other through having a dog. 54% of dog owners say their pup has boosted their confidence and made it easier for them to talk to strangers. 40% said having a dog increased their overall happiness. (SWNS)

We’re stressed …According toGallup’s 2019 Global Emotions Report, Americans are among the most stressed people in the world. 55% of Americans said they’d experienced stress during “a lot of the day” – way above the global average of 35%. Only people in Greece, the Philippines and Tanzania are more stressed out than we are. (The New York Times)

Mini-skirts are back …Get ready to get short this spring and summer. According to a report inThe Guardian, mini-skirts are back – with retailers reporting a big up-tick in searches and orders.

How long have you owned your couch?A new survey found that the average American couch is six years old. Other couch facts: The typical American couch has been napped on 36 times, hosted 32 catch-ups with family and friends, been cried on 17 times and helped us through 21 sick days. 30% of those surveyed said they were ready to get a new couch – but the same survey also found that the average person hasn’t bought a new piece of furniture in the last three years. (SWNS)

Can Gen Z save malls?According to a surprising new study, Generation Z loves the mall. 95% of Gen Zers – kids, teens and young adults between the ages of 7 and 22 – visited a mall in a three-month period in 2018, compared to just 75% of Millennials and 58% of Gen Xers, according to an International Council of Shopping Centers study. Not only does Gen Z go to the mall – they like the mall. 75% said going to a brick-and-mortar store was a better experience than shopping online. (Bloomberg)

Congrats, Wisconsin …You eat more frozen pizza than any other state in the U.S. According to Nestle product developer Chris Zelch, frozen pizza sales continue to rise about 2% every year in the state. Why do Wisconsinites love frozen pizza so much? According to Zelch, it may be because of the state’s large population of people of Norwegian descent. Apparently Norway is the country that eats the most frozen pizza in the world. (The Daily Meal)

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