Terrifying Video Shows Flight Attendant Hitting Ceiling Due To Turbulence

Ten people were injured on an ALK aircraft flying from Kosovo to France because of severe turbulence. Mirjeta Basha was recording as the plane was rocked by a massive jolt while a flight attendant was pushing her drink cart through the aisle.

The flight attendant crashed into the ceiling and her drink cart went flying. As the beverage cart came crashing down, a woman sitting in the aisle seat began to pray. The turbulence was so strong that some of the seats came loose and the oxygen masks dropped down.

According to the Daily Mail, Basha told a local news outlet that the turbulence began about 30 minutes into the flight and lasted about five minutes.

"People started screaming and crying," she said. "A flight attendant slammed her trolley on the ceiling. Cups flew around, some were scalded by hot water."

Basha praised the professionalism of the crew for remaining calm and collected during the terrifying ordeal.

"They told us that we need not be afraid and everything will pass again."

An ambulance was waiting when the plane landed and ten people were transported to local hospitals with minor injuries.

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