Jeffrey Epstein Had Painting Of Bill Clinton In Blue Dress And Red Heels

Jeffrey Epstein reportedly had an odd painting of Bill Clinton hanging in his Manhattan townhouse. According to the New York Post, Epstein purchased an oil painting depicting the former president sitting in the Oval Office wearing a blue dress and a pair of red heels.

"It was hanging up there prominently — as soon as you walked in — in a room to the right," an anonymous source told the Post. "Everybody who saw it laughed and smirked."

The painting is "Parsing Bill" which was painted by Petrina Ryan-Kleid in 2012. The dress appears to be similar to one that Hillary Clinton wore during an event in 2009, but it could also be a reference to infamous blue dress that Monica Lewinsky wore during her sexual encounter with the former president in the Oval Office.

Ryan-Kleid says she painted the piece while she was a grad student and had no idea that it had been sold to Epstein.

“In 2012, as a grad student at the New York Academy of Art, I painted pictures of Presidents Bill Clinton and [George W.] Bush as part of my Master’s thesis," she told Fox News in a statement. "When the school put on a fundraiser at the Tribeca Ball that year, they sold my painting to one of the attendees. I had no idea who the buyer was at the time. As with most of my paintings, I had completely lost track of this piece when it was sold seven years ago. So it was a complete surprise to me to learn yesterday that it wound up in Epstein’s home.”

Another woman told the Daily Mail that she saw the painting hanging prominently in his $77 million home in 2012.

'It was absolutely Bill Clinton. It was shocking - it was definitely a painting of him. It was a very provocative, sexual picture. He was wearing heels, a blue dress and his hand was in a weird position."

Epstein was found dead in federal prison cell from an apparent suicide on Saturday (August 10). The autopsy report reportedly revealed that he had multiple broken bones in his neck.

Photo: Getty Images

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