VIDEO: Kings Island Announces "Orion"

MASON, Ohio (WTVN)--Months of speculation and clues were finally put to rest by Kings Island on Thursday, with the reveal of "Orion", a new roller coaster set to open in 2020.

The ride will feature a first drop of over 300-feet, making it a "giga-coaster", the first for the park and the 7th such coaster in the world.

It will feature a top speed of 91-miles an hour, the fastest coaster in the park, when it opens.

The park has teamed up again with ride manufacturer Bollinger & Mabillard on the project, which also built the Diamondback and Banshee.

Kings Island Vice-President and GM Mike Koontz says the park has invested over $30-million on the project, which was about the same amount of money used to build the entire park, when it opened back in 1972.

Koontz also expects coaster enthusiasts from all over the world to come to the park next year to ride the new scream machine.

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