Ohio State Orders On-Campus Students Back to Permanent Residences

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Ohio State University is taking even more steps to keep students safe, amid the spread of Coronavirus.

The University has now ordered students to return to their permanent residences, and to finish the spring semester online.

Classes are currently out for spring break. They were originally scheduled to return on Monday, March 16th, but that has been extended, so classes resume on March 22nd.

The university has also laid out a system were students living in dorms on campus are given a specific time to return to their residence hall to move out, to prevent large gatherings and keep a policy of "social distancing". Those times are anywhere between March 14th and March 22nd.

In addition, students, faculty and staff who have been traveling through Europe are ordered to go into self-quarantine upon their return.

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