Governor Warns of Ohio's Future Being Like Florida or Arizona


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--There was no new mandate, and no analysis of the latest coronavirus numbers from the Ohio Department of Health, but Governor Mike DeWine used his speech to Ohioans Wednesday to address the situation the state is facing when it comes to the disease.

DeWine said Ohio's numbers now are similar to what the state of Florida was seeing a month ago, and based on the behavior of ohioans now and in the near-future, that will determine if it grows out of control.

New coronavirus cases in Ohio continued to number over 1,000 on Wednesday, and the average number of new cases in the Buckeye State is also topping 1,000. Florida saw a record of over 15,000 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday.

The governor says now, cases are ramping up in areas like Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. He says more testing is being done, but this spike in cases is not simply the result of more testing. Governor DeWine says if we don't change course, the current situation in states like Florida and Arizona will be Ohio's future.

Saying this is not a drill and not a hoax, the governor says Ohioans have come too far to start giving up progress now. He says he's afraid the window of opportunity to act may be closing. He's asking Ohioans to sacrifice now so kids can go to school in the fall and businesses can stay open.

Talking about masks, the governor says he's asking everyone in the state to wear a mask when they go out.

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