Ohio House Votes to Remove Householder as Speaker

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--For the first time in Ohio history, the state's House of Representatives has voted to remove the Speaker of the House from his position.

By a vote of 90-0, with 9 members abstaining, Larry Householder was removed as the chamber's leader on Thursday. The vote came the same day he was indicted on federal racketeering charges.

Federal prosecutors allege Householder led the funneling of money through a 501(c)4 organization to supporters of House Bill 6, which was the move to bail out Ohio's nuclear power plants by adding a surcharge to Ohioans' electric bills.

The indictment alleges Householder used some of the money for personal expenses.

Householder was arrested last week, along with four others, including the former Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, Householder's Political Director, and two lobbyists.

The vote by the house Thursday only removes Householder from the Speaker position, and not from his house seat. Householder is running for re-election unopposed in November.

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