Governor Issues More Mask Orders, Warns of 2nd Shutdown

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--As the number of daily coronavirus cases across Ohio continues to rise, Governor Mike DeWine spoke to Ohioans Wednesday about new orders for businesses to enforce mask mandates, and new punishments will be instituted for those that do not comply.

DeWine's new order requires each business to post a face covering requirement sign at all of their public entrances, each business will be responsible for enforcing that rule, and a new Retail Compliance Unit will inspect businesses to ensure compliance.

The new unit will be a division of the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation.

If businesses do not comply, a 1st violation will result in a written warning, and a 2nd violation will result in a closing of a store for at up to 24 hours.

DeWine also warned of a possible 2nd shutdown of the state's bars and restaurants if coronavirus cases continue to surge. He will reevaluate that situation next Thursday.

As for events like wedding receptions, funerals, and banquets, DeWine's order prevents open-congregate areas, and everyone must be seated and wearing a mask, unless they are actively eating. It also prohibits dancing and games.

On Tuesday, the state surpassed 6,000 new cases of coronavirus in a single day, something former Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton warned about back in March.

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