Ohio State to Introduce New Football Ticket Plan for 2022

Photo credit: Getty Images

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Ohio State University is set to implement a new system of selling football tickets.

The university's Board of Trustees is set to vote on the plan Thursday, which will rely more on contributions from fans to the Buckeye Club, the fundraising arm of the Athletic Department, which funds scholarships and other programs for student-athletes.

If approved, it would take effect in 2022, and lay out the stadium into six pricing zones, instead of two. Season tickets would range from just over $700 to over $1,200.

Annual contributions to the Buckeye Club would range from $0 to $1,500, under the per-seat contribution model, or PSC.

The university says the model would allow for more affordable tickets in 14,000 locations, without a contribution. Officials add the old ticketing model is not sufficient enough to support $29-million in grant-in-aid costs for student athletes.

Per-seat contributions would not be needed for student tickets, which will stay at $34 per game, or for premium seats, like club seats, loges, and suites.

Ohio State's home football schedule in 2022 includes Notre Dame, Iowa, Wisconsin, and "that school up north."

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