Low-Cost Clinic, Pet Food Warehouse, More Opening In Columbus

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The Columbus Humane Society is opening the first-of-its-kind “Essential Care Center” on the south side of High Street. “We're just stepping up and expanding to meet the needs that are currently not being met,” Columbus Humane CEO Rachel Finney says, according to FOX 28.

According to Finney, the demand for veterinary care has been rising. The animal adoption and protection organization wanted to expand their work and make it more centrally located in order to make it easier for everyone to access when in need of help.

"Many of the clients that utilize our pet food distribution program are coming from the south and the central and east side. And our location on the west side isn't a convenient location. So, we wanted to make sure we were reaching out to the community,” she says.

The facility will offer a low-cost clinic, pet food warehouse and workforce training. However, more money is needed to make this happen, and they're asking for community support.

"This is a $5.1 million campaign to bring this new facility to the south side. We're about halfway there, 54%, so one thing that our community can do is step up and make a gift,” Finney says.

The new facility is located at 3772 South High Street behind the Dollar Tree store. Groundbreaking is scheduled for July. For more information about the Columbus Human Essential Care Center, head here.

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