This Is Ohio's Most Popular Milkshake Flavor

There are few more refreshing drinks than a tall, creamy, milkshake on a sunny Summer's day. If taking a stroll to your local ice-cream shop to order one of these sweet treats is the only thing that you've accomplished all day; then consider it a success. Since there are so many flavors of milkshakes to choose from, it makes it easy for consumers to stick with an original favorite or continuously try new flavors. Each state has one flavor that is more popular than all the rest, and Ohio's might surprise you.

According to a list compiled by RTA Outdoor Living, the most popular milkshake flavor in all of Ohio is peanut butter. Though peanut butter is a popular choice amongst a few states; strawberry is the most popular throughout America.

Here is what RTA Outdoor Living had to say about putting together the data to find the most popular milkshake flavor in every state:

"At RTA Outdoor Living, we love milkshakes and wanted to figure out what the most popular milkshake flavors are across America. To do this, we investigated Google Trends data over the past 12 months for the most popular milkshake flavors in order to determine the top flavor in every U.S. state. We did this research for you, so when you have your next outdoor gathering you know what milkshake will bring everyone to your yard."

For more information regarding the most popular milkshake flavor in each state visit HERE.

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