Ohio Man Accused Of Breaking Into Random Woman's Home, Stealing Her Baby

Child abduction - Concept Photo

Photo: Getty Images

An Ohio man has been accused of breaking into a random woman's home, threatening her and her family, and then taking her 4-month-old baby, according to Hamilton County Court documents. He is now facing charges of burglary and abduction.

Deanthony Smith of Cincinnati allegedly broke into the woman's apartment along Rack Street on October 18, according to Hamilton County Court documents. It does not appear that Smith had any personal connection with the victim, as prosecutors said he targeted the woman by random.

After allegedly prying open a window to get inside the apartment, he threatened the woman and her three children, according to prosecutors. Then, Smith ripped a 4-month-old child straight out of the woman's arms and took off with the infant.

Cincinnati police were informed of the situation and were fortunately able to get the baby back from Smith, according to Hamilton County Court documents. The child has since been reunited with his mother. There is no word on the child's condition at the time of this writing.

Smith is currently being held on a $30,000 bond, according to Hamilton County Court records. His arraignment is scheduled for November 10. No further information regarding the case has been revealed at this time.

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