Randoms-Biggest Demo that got a Raise in 2018 & More!

So who got a raise last year? Kids. According to research by chore-tracking app RoosterMoney, kids between the ages of 4 and 14 got an average of $471 a year -- or $9.06 per week -- in allowance in 2018. That’s up 3.7% from the year before … and higher than the 3 percent wage increase given to the average American worker in 2018. (Market Watch

Resolutions aren’t just for people anymore … Seems as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, lots of pet owners made resolutions for their pets as well. According to a survey by pet food company NomNomNow, 61 percent of pet owners made a resolution for their dog or cat. 50 percent of dog owners made a resolution for their pup, compared to 27 percent of cat owners. 71 percent of pet owners see the new year as an opportunity to get their pet healthier and 62 percent of pet owners said they think their dog or cat could lose some weight.

These Are the Top 5 “Pet Resolutions”:

  1. Exercise more – 56%
  2. Try new activity – 49%
  3. Lose weight – 49%
  4. Better hygiene – 47%
  5. More playtime – 44% (SWNS

Being a parent makes you grown up? An English professor at Georgia Tech University decided to teach a class on “adulting" in an effort to figure out why so many people don't feel like they’ve got their life in order. Rebekah Fitzsimmons and her students attempted to analyze what adulthood truly means these days and discovered that the biggest sign that you’ve officially grown up is having kids of your own. Moving out of your parents’ house doesn’t mean much. Getting your first job doesn’t mean much. You’re not officially an adult -- it seems -- until you’re a parent. Thoughts?(Business Insider)

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