Randoms-Harvard Study-How to Live Longer, Reading to Kids Better than Ever

A million reasons to read to your kids …A recent study out of Ohio State University found that reading five books a day to your kids exposes them to about 1.4 million more words by the time they enter kindergarten than kids who were not read to. (Ohio State University)

Not so fast …Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he only eats one meal a day – dinner -- and doesn’t eat anything at all on the weekends. (Business Insider)

This is sad …A new British study found that 20% of adults say they feel “more comfortable” interacting with people online than in real life. 33% said they feel nervous when meeting people face-to-face for the first time, and 40% said they get anxious just at the thought of going out … with their own friends. (SWNS)

New mom modeling …Apparently there’s a growing trend of new moms getting their hair and makeup done after giving birth. Yep, moms want to be Instagram-worthy when they post those new baby pics. (NY Post

Want to live longer and healthier? According to a 30-year Harvard study, these are the five habits that could prolong your life by 10 years or more …

  1. Eat a healthy diet
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Maintain a healthy weight
  4. Limit your alcohol intake
  5. Don't smoke (CNBC)

Speaking of living a long life …According to a new study, going vegan could extend your life. Researchers found that people who eat a plant-based diet – and avoid meat, dairy, eggs and other animal products – have more antioxidants in their bodies, which leads to decreased odds of getting cancer and other diseases. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

It seems sexism is alive and well – even when it comes to beer …According to a new study from Stanford University, drinkers value beer less if they think it’s brewed by a woman. (The Takeout)


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