Randoms-Things People like More than IRS, Garlic Prevents Alzheimer's, More

What would you do to avoid ever having to pay taxes again?According to a WalletHub survey … 36% of respondents would move to a different country if it meant never having to pay taxes again, 24% would get an IRS tattoo, 16% would stop talking for 6 months, 15% would take a vow of celibacy, 11% would name their child “Taxes” and 2% would clean prison toilets for three years if it meant a tax-free future. 

Things people like more than the IRS:

  • Their in-laws – 42%
  • Spiders and snakes – 21%
  • Cold showers – 20%
  • Sitting in traffic – 17%

What we’d rather do than pay our taxes:

  • Jury duty – 50%
  • Miss a connecting flight – 25%
  • Talk to your kids about the birds and the bees – 21%
  • Swim with shark – 13%
  • Spend the night in jail – 11%
  • Drink expired milk – 11%

Our biggest tax day fears:

  • Making a math mistake – 31%
  • Not having enough money – 28%
  • Identity theft -- 24%
  • Getting audited -- 17%

Don’t worry too much about getting audited …According to the Wallet Hub’s tax day facts, there’s only a 0.6% chance you will be audited by the IRS.


Who makes you laugh more than anyone?


This is worth having garlic breath …A new study found that eating garlic could prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. (The Daily Meal)

What part of your appearance do you worry about the most?According to a new survey, for most Americans, it’s their teeth.

Here are our Top 5 Appearance Worries:

  1. Teeth -- 67%
  2. Hair -- 62%
  3. Weight -- 57%
  4. Skin -- 53%
  5. Clothing -- 41% (SWNS)

Goat Yoga is so 2018 …The latest trend in yoga is Lemur Yoga – or, “Lemoga.” The Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa in England is the birthplace of this latest yoga fad, and it’s all thanks to group of lemurs that live in a nearby wildlife park. The class actually takes place in the wildlife park where lemurs like to practice their own form of yoga as a way to warm their bellies in the sunshine. While there you can also hike with alpacas and meet a family of meerkats. Sounds like an Instagrammer's dream! (Travel and Leisure)


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