Clooney makes big money

George Clooney made $239 million pre-taxes in the past year, according to Forbes' annual Celebrity 100: The World’s Highest Paid Entertainers report.

It’s a jaw-dropping amount, even in the high-flying world of Hollywood. Forbes reports that Clooney actually brought in more money last year than any other actor over an equivalent period. Ever. Much of cash comes from the sale of the Casamigos tequila company to drinks giant Diageo in a deal worth about $1 billion.

But don’t feel too bad for other Hollywood heavyweights: as Forbes notes, the world’s 100-highest paid celebs made a combined $6.3 billion pretax over 12 months, up 22% over last year. 11 celebs crossed the $100 million threshold this year. 

And Clooney wasn’t even on top: athlete Floyd Mayweather earned $285 million pretax, most of which came from his August 2017 fight with Conor McGregor. Clooney came in second, and Kylie Jenner rounded out the top 3 with $166.5 million, thanks to her phenomenally successful makeup empire.

Judge Judy Sheindlin came it at No. 4 with $147 million, much of which came from the sale of her TV library for $100 million. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson landed at No. 5 with $124 million. In the past two decades, 700+ celebs have appeared on Forbes’ annual list, raking in a total of about $80 billion in earnings. 

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