Most used emojis in coronavirus era

When it comes to tweeting about the pandemic there are certain emojis that keep coming up. Emojipeida analyzed over 200,000 tweets referencing ‘coronavirus’ or ‘COVID’ from March 7th and 8th to determine the most popular emojis being used. They found the two laughing-crying face emojis came out on top, while the face with the medical mask came in third, followed by the thinking face and microbe. Also breaking the top ten were the loudly crying face, as well as the police car light and Italian flag. The spike in use of the medical mask face and microbe began at the end of January, when the virus became well-known to the public. The report also ranked which country’s flags appeared most—Italy was the most used, followed by China, the US, France and Spain. 

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The microbe, Italian flag and medical mask are among the emojis used most in tweets about the coronavirus

Microbe and medical mask emojis see a spike during the coronavirus

A report analyzed over 200,000 tweets about the coronavirus and found the two laughing faces are the most popular suggesting people are joking or making light about the pandemic in order to cope.