So, I'm gardening and I find a... car?

Recently John Brayshaw was doing some gardening in his U.K. backyard and was shocked to find a car. He continued and found almost a full car complete with the engine, and doors. Brayshaw thinks the car is a 1955/56 Ford Popular 103e. He adds the only part of the car missing were the wheels, and that the previous owners of the home, who lived there for 50 years, never did anything with the backyard and likely had no idea the car was there. There is no registration plate on the car, and no record of the car that he can find. 

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He has no idea how the car ended up buried under his lawn. (Picture: SWNS)

Brayshaw, 40, found the remains of the car when he was digging some decking in his garden. (Picture: SWNS)

He added: “I have asked people what the weirdest thing is they have found in their back garden.

“The couple who lived here before have both died, we bought the house from their brother and he said they lived her for 50 years and never did anything with the garden.