Wendy's Free nuggets promotion hit with one man

Some people will do anything for free food. Wendy’s recently announced it was giving away free chicken nuggets on Friday (April 24th) to help communities during the coronavirus pandemic. One man in Oregon heard about this promotion and decided to make the most of it. The participating restaurants were giving out orders of 4-Piece Chicken Nuggets to anyone who visited the drive-thru. A Twitter user going by “Skweezy Jibbs” decided to drive to 11 different Wendy’s locations in the greater Portland and Vancouver area to get as many free chicken nuggets as possible. He shared a picture of himself with all his nuggets on Twitter, writing, “Times is [sic] tough so when I heard Wendys was [sic] givin' out free 4 piece nuggs today I knew I had to hustle. I hit every damn Wendy’s twice within 17 miles across 2 states, it took 5 hours but now we eatin’ free 4 [sic] a week.”

Skweezy Jibbs@Skweezy
times is tough so when i heard @wendys was givin out free 4 piece nuggs today i knew i had 2 HUSTLE 🏃 i hit every damn wendys twice within 17 miles across 2 states 🚘 it took 5 hours but now we eatin free 4 a week WHAT IT DOOOOOO
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3:15 PM - Apr 24, 2020
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