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Less Is More for Wesson

Kaleb Wesson cannot wait to see how much the weight mattered. 

The Ohio State big man, who's a little smaller these days, said he watched the NBA draft and was struck by something. 

When it came to the players hearing their names called, "I didn't see anybody who was 6'10", 270 just a low-post scorer." 

So Wesson has made it a goal to become more explosive this offseason. He's hoping to play at around 255 pounds this year after weighing 289 pounds at the end of this past season. 

In addition to greater endurance and the ability to stay on the court when opponents use a smaller lineup, Wesson believes there will be one more advantage to his dieting.

More dunks next season? 

"For sure," he said. 

To hear what else he said, check out the audio below.

(Note: There was a problem with Wesson's microphone at the start of his press conference, so if you're having trouble hearing him, simply fast forward to the 2:45 mark.)

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