Big Ten Teleconference-Rutgers Week

Ryan Day joined the Big Ten teleconference today, and while he didn't make any news, he did provide some interesting insights. Note: Day's phone cut out a little bit at the start, but it improves as the conversation rolls along.

  • Day liked the "solid" performance of the offensive line against Oregon State, especially because their fitness level allowed them to push the tempo.
  • When you take the giftedness of Nick Bosa and the coaching of Larry Johnson, Day said extraordinary things can happen.
  • Asked if Mike Weber and JK Dobbins are each capable of 1,000-yard seasons, Day responded, "Who knows?" He also added that quarterback Dwayne Haskins is a capable runner as well, even if they didn't have him carry the ball much this past week. 
  • Day wants to use all the depth they have at wide receiver. That allows them to be a fast-pace offense, and gives them versatility. He does not believe it is necessary to have a star emerge at the position. 
  • After having seen the new rules in effect for one week, the team is not making any changes to their kickoff coverage scheme. 
  • Day said the Buckeyes have the depth to use two-tight end sets this year. He also likes that, "It presents a different look to the defense."