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Week Three Press Conference

Ohio State is getting ready to face TCU in a neutral site game Saturday night. 

Here are the highlights of what was said at the weekly coaches' press conference.

Ryan Day-

  • What has impressed him most about the offense? Their depth. 
  • Despite his inexperience, Day trusts Dwayne Haskins a great deal to make decisions on offense, both pre-snap and after the snap. 
  • That being said, when asked about his biggest concern about the offense, Day said it is the relative inexperience of some of the players.
  • Though he has limited experience at center, Day really likes the transition Michael Jordan has made from guard to his new position. He believes the whole offensive line has played well, although this week will present a challenge. (Note: Ohio State's offensive line through two games has given up only two sacks, and opponents have registered only one quarterback hurry.)
  • Urban Meyer continues to give feedback on games. After week one's glowing review ("You only had to punt once, huh?"), he was more critical this week. He told Day that there were mistakes that they need to correct moving forward.
  • Calling the offense on Saturdays has been fairly seamless because this staff believes, "If it's good enough to be on the call sheet, it's good enough to call." 
  • Day said the Buckeyes aren't using Tate Martell with the mere intention of throwing teams off balance. They are emphasizing using him when they feel he fits naturally into their game plan and into the flow of the game.
  • Downplaying the idea that TCU is a huge step up in terms of the stakes of the game, Day said, "If you don't think [either of the previous games were a] big game, try losing it."

Greg Schiano-

  • Schiano said the Buckeyes are going to continue to use a rotation at middle linebacker. Why? Because a now--at least relatively--healthy Tuf Borland "has just such a sense for the football," and Baron Browning, "has an unbelievable ability to cover ground." 
  • Another position where the Buckeyes are still using multiple players is safety. Schiano has liked what he's seen from Isaiah Pryor, but Jahsen Wint continues to compete, and a few other young players could be in the mix. That might eventually include Shaun Wade, currently a corner and nickelback, but Schiano said they are trying to be creative about finding ways to use the talented redshirt freshman, and that might involve seeing time as a safety. 
  • Safety Jordan Fuller returned from a hamstring injury last week. He made a difference, according to Schiano, because of his vision, anticipation, versatility, coverage skills, spatial awareness and tackling ability. 
  • When asked if defensive lineman Nick Bosa should be in the Heisman discussion, Schiano answered it would be nice, but also admitted it's basically an award for an outstanding offensive player, so he would be happy to see Bosa honored in other ways.

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