Week Four Press Conference

Having served his three-game suspension, Buckeye coach Urban Meyer has resumed full duties as the Ohio State head man, and that includes handling the team's Monday press conference. 

  • Meyer opened as he has in previous seasons, by breaking down the previous week's game. There were many standout performances against TCU.
  • After a discussion of the game, Meyer delivered a statement that touched on three topics: 1) Why his statements regarding Zach Smith at Big Ten media day were not as accurate as they needed to be. 2) A timeline of the events surrounding Smith's tenure and eventual dismissal from OSU. 3) Meyer denied that he ever deleted text messages in order to hide information from the media.
  • Asked if his suspension has soured his relationship with Ohio State, Meyer answered by saying his love for the university is "unwavering."
  • Although Ohio State's investigative report found that Meyer suffers memory issues, Meyer said, "I'm very healthy." He said the fact that the report included that detail was due to the thoroughness of the investigators, not because he has a problem that affects his coaching.
  • He said it was very hard to hear Paul Finebaum's critique that his "credibility is shattered," especially because he feels he is committed to honesty. 
  • Meyer said that while he has tried to be educated about domestic violence, he has learned even more about it this year. One lesson that he said he has learned is that he needs to ask more questions. 
  • Defensive lineman Nick Bosa has suffered a groin/abdominal injury, and will undergo further medical testing this week. He has already been ruled out for Saturday's game against Tulane. 
  • Meyer wants to do a better job providing an atmosphere where staffers feel free to make him aware of misbehavior by his assistants. 
  • According to Meyer, both his assistants who once took high school coaches to a strip club while on a recruiting trip were verbally reprimanded, and then a new policy was put in place to prevent it from ever happening again. He refused to name the second coach, even though Ohio State has confirmed it was now Texas head man Tom Herman. 
  • When a reporter wanted to know what Meyer and the program have done to prevent domestic violence, he said the list is "endless." Among the examples he gave, he talked about his constant messaging to the team about treating women with respect, and his emphasis on how adhering to Title IX is a matter of respect.
  • Meyer's one issue with the report issued by Ohio State is that it didn't share the successes of the Buckeye football program in dealing with off-field issues. 
  • Knowing how far to intervene into someone's personal life and where the line is between helping and enabling are two things Meyer admits to still struggling with.

There was a lot covered, so we'll update this post once we've reviewed the audio.