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Big Ten Teleconference-Off Week

As it is the bye week, Urban Meyer did not have a press conference on Monday. Thus, the Big Ten teleconference had a lot more news broken than usual. Good thing you can listen to it here! 

Among the highlights:

  • They are going to work on fixing their red zone offensive issues for the next "three days straight." 
  • Meyer admitted they have reviewed how closely their linebackers play to the line of scrimmage.
  • Austin Mack did indeed have surgery. Meyer said there is a chance that Mack could return from the operation in time for a Buckeye bowl game.
  • On Monday, the team spent 12 hours figuring out how to improve their run game even without the benefit of having a mobile quarterback.
  • Teams are unable to really make schematic changes during a season, because they only have two days of practice a week where they could work on that. However, with the extra time allowed during the bye week, they may make some notable adjustments to address some "glaringly obvious" weaknesses. 
  • Meyer denied a report that there is tension surrounding the program. He said he works closely with athletics director Gene Smith nearly every day, and the coaches feel a sense of urgency, but Meyer would not describe that as tension.

But Meyer wasn't the only coach who had some interesting things to say on the teleconference. Here are two remarks by Purdue's Jeff Brohm:

  • "There's a lot of small things that add up. I did think that [Ohio State] had a very good front four. Without question, they had talent and speed there. We couldn't hold the ball too long unless we were going to max protect and move the pocket. I thought their linebackers were good players, but they were up to the line of scrimmage quite a bit. If you could get past that first level, there was a bigger level in between them and the safeties, because they play up so far. I thought we could isolate Rondale Moore a little bit. Now they did put a nickel over top of him the entire game, and made it a little harder...And I do think you have to attack their corners some. You know, whether they're going to press you the entire game or not, you've got to attack them and throw it over their head. And when you do that, it opens up some other things." 
  • "I actually think they're a very talented football team, and I actually think they have very good coaches, who have been there and done that. A lot of times throughout the course of the year, they're going to have at least one game where it just doesn't happen...I do feel like they have a very potent passing attack. I think they've got a great quarterback. Defensively? Yeah, you know, they probably need to shore up giving up some big plays, but I think they have the ability to do that; and I can foresee them running the table from here on out...I wouldn't want to play them again."

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