Week Ten Press Conference

Ohio State's Urban Meyer was asked about his health, his future, and--of course--about the immediate future of his team as they prepare to face Nebraska on Saturday. 

Here are the highlights from today's press conference:

  • When asked to address the mood of the team, Meyer said there is a sense of urgency. "Hard to say I've ever seen a group of staff work as hard as we've worked to try to fix the issues. Same with our players." 
  • As for his own mood as well as his health? "I"m fine. I want Ohio State to be successful in the worse way. Working extremely hard to make sure that's happening. I love Ohio State. I love our players. I don't want people to worry about me. I want to make sure we're getting some things right around here, and that's what 100 percent of our focus is on." If people are seeing something in his body language, Meyer suggested it was just his frustration that they are still struggling to reach their potential.
  • That's why, when asked about rumors he might consider retiring after the season, Meyer responded he planned to be coaching next year. Further pressed as to whether he'd be back at OSU, Meyer simply answered, "Yes." 
  • The off week apparently went well for the Buckeyes. They "cleared the air" and rid themselves of the "bad taste" from the Purdue loss. From an on-field perspective, they focused offensively on the run game and the red zone; and defensively on avoiding missed tackles, especially open-field tackles. 
  • Meyer had several ideas on ways to improve their rushing totals. They ranged from "getting guys in space" to "being more physical and breaking tackles." Plus, "schematically we've adapted some things." 
  • There was nearly a seven-second pause when Meyer was asked how well the line has done with Michael Jordan at center. Finally, he conceded: "At times outstanding, at other times it has not been great, but Brady Taylor was hurt, and we didn't feel Josh [Myers] was quite ready. So we had to get our five most effective players on the field."
  • Speaking of Brady Taylor, both he and Branden Bowen were expected to practice today, and there is "a chance" they could be ready to play Saturday when OSU faces Nebraska.