What's New?

There wasn't a complete overhaul, neither did the Buckeye football team stand pat over the bye week. Coach Urban Meyer told reporters this week that they made some schematic adjustments to address weaknesses that were exposed in a loss to Purdue. 

So will you notice the differences? 

We asked a member of the Ohio State offense and defense:

Linebacker Tuf Borland-

"Yeah, I mean, [you'll] see some different things, some things we haven't done before. We're excited about it." 

Wide Receiver Terry McLaurin-

"I don't think we'll be doing any new plays, or reverses, or things like that. I just think people will see just more sense of urgency in the run game in the sense of guys are really getting after it, finishing their blocks, finishing their runs, and just really trying to get our run game off the ground."