By The Skin Of Their Teeth

With 20 seconds to go, it looked more like a game of hot potato than men's college basketball. Bucknell eventually secured it with 14.6 remaining on the clock, and so had a chance to grab a huge road victory against Ohio State. 

They had already rallied a bit against the Buckeyes. The Bison were down 11 points in the final 4:28, but went on a 13-to-4 run to make the score 73-71.

Knowing that, and the fact that they had made 12 of their previous 29 three-point tries (.414) that day, Bucknell coach Nathan Davis wasn't going to be conservative. 

"We were going for the win. We were going for the win," he said. 

Ohio State's CJ Jackson played strong on-ball defense, forcing Jimmy Sotos to dribble into the corner and back to the top of the arc before giving it up. Sotos is 11-for-21 from behind the three-point line this season. 

At the same time, Keyshawn Woods denied the pass to Avi Toomer,  who had gone 3-for-6 from distance that afternoon. 

"They have a certain play that they like to run when it comes to the baseline drift, and try to get that shooter to come off," Woods said. Toomer, he added, "had just hit that three on my mistake so I wasn't letting that happen again."

He knew someone would be trying to get a shot from behind the arc, though.

"Because I was talking to one of the players, I knew they wanted to end the game," said Woods.

"It would be nice if he would pass that along to the coaches," coach Chris Holtmann laughed, "I was not aware of that." 

That player ended up being Bucknell forward Bruce Moore, who--with Andre Wesson in his face--threw it up off target. Sotos rebounded, but Jackson had stuck with him, and the horn sounded. 

The Buckeyes ended up winning to advance their record to 9-1. 

Hear Holtmann discuss today's game below:

Kaleb Wesson paced the Buckeyes today with a career-high 22 points. He also grabbed 10 boards on the day.

His brother, Andre, had 8 points, 6 rebounds, and three chipped teeth after hitting the floor hard. 

"I thought it was one," said Holtmann, "I didn't know it was three. I thought it was one because I grabbed one of them on the floor...I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so that shows how much affection I have for Andre."