Signing Day-Cade Stover

Ohio’s Mr. Football, Cade Stover, famously committed to the Buckeyes in a video where he hauled bales of hay around his family farm and drove a tractor with an OSU flag on it. He credited his background for giving him the tools to become a linebacker who registered 178 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, one sack, two forced fumbles, nine pass break-ups, and four picks his senior year. Stover is just the fifth defensive player in 32 years to be named Ohio’s Mr. Football, joining luminaries Charles Woodson, Andy Katzenmoyer, Bam Childress, and Dante Booker Jr. He also owns his school’s scoring record in basketball. As to what kind of young man he is, the Mansfield News Journal notes that Stover escorted special needs student Bridget Trago to homecoming.