Signing Day-Noah Potter

Noah Potter, like his brother Micah, is a very good basketball player. In Noah’s case, however, there came a time when he realized that his future was in football. And now that future is at Ohio State—despite the fact that his brother no longer is. Noah remained committed even after Micah left the Buckeyes to play hoops at Wisconsin. Not that Potter won’t see some familiar faces when he enrolls early. Fellow Mentor football player Ryan Jacoby says he, too, plans to arrive on campus this January. Jacoby and Potter went head-to-head in plenty of high school practices as the former is an offensive tackle and the latter a defensive end. Potter recorded 49 tackles, nine tackles for loss, five sacks, and a forced fumble his senior year. He hopes to wear jersey number 97 in college as homage to Joey and Nick Bosa.