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Final Rose Bowl Press Conference

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer and Washington coach Chris Peterson both spoke to reporters today for one final briefing before the Rose Bowl. Here's what we learned from the time they spent with the media. 

Urban Meyer:

  • Meyer opened by recounting how he had once watched Petersen at the end of the 2006 season when his Boise State team famously used trickery (the hook-and-ladder, Statue of Liberty) plays to beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. His wife Shelley, Urban said, asked why he couldn't be similarly creative. 
  • Meyer shared his hopes to make this the most watched bowl game of the year. 
  • It was again reiterated by Meyer that coaching in this game is a bucket list item for him, but he 
  • Asked if he gets nervous before games, Meyer answered, "I don't think nervous is a strong enough term. Deathly ill might be a bit more appropriate."
  • He also again shared the story of the time that while out on a recruiting trip, he asked to be allowed in to see the Rose Bowl, because he had heard so many people raving about it. He was, as he put it, rudely dismissed.
  • This is a transitional period, obviously, with Meyer soon handing off the job to Ryan Day. As for how Day has handled it? Exceptional, Meyer told reporters. "Just ask the players."
  • There was a hint of what Meyer plans to do next when he said that his next role will keep him close enough to the players to "hug 'em up," and make sure they don't get used by the system.
  • Meyer says he tries to avoid advising players whether to play in a bowl game or whether to leave for the NFL draft. He'll provide information, and he'll pass along the thoughts of others (like GMs and scouts), but he tries to leave his own opinion out of it. 

Chris Petersen: 

  • "This has been an awesome week." Petersen knows it's been since 2001 that Washington has visited the Rose Bowl, and made a point to talk about how sweet that makes this particular appearance. And facing Meyer even adds to that, he argued. 
  • Petersen is pleased with his team's bowl prep, which has been slightly altered from previous seasons. 
  • Both coaches were presented with an opportunity to call for systemic change to the college football playoff format, given that their conferences have been excluded for a couple years now. Neither did, but both said they have to take responsibility for improving their play.

You can see some more pictures from the gathering below.

And for audio from today's event, click here

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