"Lo Angeles"

Flying, I think, is like the post office and the fan base of that team that annoys you.

You hear the scary stories, and forget that most of the time, you aren't going to encounter the nightmare scenarios.

So believe me when I tell you that about the worst that can be said for my flight out west is that I was assigned the middle seat. 

Oh, and there was the moment I closed my eyes to take a power nap, only to have the pilot announce 30 seconds later: "Attention passengers, I will be turning on the fasten seat belt sign, because we are about to enter some turbulence."

Then again, I also was charmed by my fellow travel-goers. There was a young man at the window. I don't believe he realized he was singing. It was just a nervous habit of his. He had a nice voice, though, and took this photo for me.

And the young woman on the aisle was watching a movie with the sound off. I asked if she wanted to borrow my headphones, to which she replied, "No, thanks. I've seen this before." 

As wonderful as they were, they paled in comparison to Ben, my new friend from Charlotte. He's about eight years old, and his mom is an anesthesiologist. Ben, however, does not want to be a doctor, too. 

He wants to be a business owner. His plan B is to be a Secret Service agent. Ben actually would prefer to be a Secret Service agent, but considers it a less likely route to success than his revolutionary business plan: selling toy guns and trampolines.

(Seriously, he has his whole marketing pitch down. It's about getting kids away from their screens. Ben is going to be your boss some day, and you just don't know it yet.)

Those were just the people I met before I arrived in California! 

When I did get here, I got to spend a little time with my mentor and longtime friend, Larry Larson. He's a legend at 610WTVN, and interning for him there is how I started out in the business. 

And now my work for 105.7 The Zone and 610WTVN has brought us together 2,243 miles away from where it all started!

Not long after that, it was a run-in with former co-worker, now voice of the Washington Huskies, Tony Castricone. Boy, is he doing well! 

Plus, as someone with ties to both Columbus and Washington, it was interesting to hear Tony speak to the similarities (age, profession, .800+ win percentage, college major...) between Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and Huskies head man Chris Petersen.

I also got to reflect on how different it is here from Ohio. It's about 20 degrees warmer, obviously. There are people on seemingly every other street corner selling flowers. Gas is $3.46 a gallon. Motorcyclists in the state are apparently legally allowed to weave their way between cars? At the same time, I think it is quite possible that pants that fit comfortably (Goldilocks style--not too tight and not too loose) have been outlawed here. 

Curiously, though, this place never seems more exotic than when you see something that reflects the differences alongside something that could be very Midwestern. Take, for example, a Target...surrounded by palm trees. 

Tomorrow we get to talk to Urban Meyer, who I imagine is pretty tired of questions about the Rose Bowl being his last game. 

I will be posting updates from that. For now, I just wanted to share a little flavor with you of what else is going on. 

And finally, a thanks to good friend, Mark Wyant for a suggestion on the article title. Given my height, I am happy he didn't go with "Low Angeles."