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Buckeyes In The Draft

The NFL Draft starts tonight, and to get you ready, we've taken a look at the Buckeyes who might hear their names called before the three-day event is over.

Nick Bosa

  • 6'4", 266 pounds, 33" arms, 10.75" hands
  • 4.79 second 40-yard dash, 29 bench press reps, 33.5" vertical jump, 116.0" broad jump, 7.1 second 3-cone drill, 4.14 second 20-yard shuttle
  • Don't rule out Bosa being the top pick of the Cardinals, but he is widely expected to go second overall to the 49ers. The possibility is so strong, that Bosa curtailed tweeting about his conservative political beliefs. "I had to," he told ESPN. "There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco." He did not, however, manage to avoid all social media controversy. Bosa, it was uncovered, had once liked a friend's Instagram posts that included racist and homophobic hashtags.
  • Though busy preparing for the draft, Bosa found time to indulge another interest, and will appear in a small role in the final season of Game of Thrones this spring.
  • And the draft has given newspapers an excuse to again cover the fact that "Little Bear" Bosa is the great grandson of the famous mobster nicknamed the "Big Tuna."

Dwayne Haskins

Dre'Mont Jones

  • 6'3", 281 pounds, 33.75" arms, 9.625" hands
  • 5.12 40-yard dash, 31.5" vertical jump, 110.0" broad jump, 7.71 second 3-cone drill, 4.53 second 20-yard shuttle
  • 18 bench press reps at pro day
  • Jones' dream scenario (and one that would make his former professional boxer father cry) is to go to the Browns. There are signs that Cleveland is considering taking him.
  • Of course, if that doesn't work out, he could go work for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Mike Weber

  • 5'10", 211 pounds, 29.75" arms, 9.375" hands
  • 4.47 second 40-yard dash, 22 bench press reps, 33.5" vertical jump
  • The team Weber is most frequently linked to in pre-draft reports is the Dallas Cowboys. They do, after all, have a recent history of employing former Ohio State running backs (ie. Ezekiel Elliott and Rod Smith).

Parris Campbell

  • 6'0", 205 pounds, 32.25" arms, 9.5" hands
  • 4.31 second 40-yard dash, 11 bench press reps, 40.0" vertical jump, 135.0" broad jump, 4.03 second 20-yard shuttle
  • Had such a successful combine that NFL analyst Bucky Brooks named Campbell one of the winners of the event.
  • The drama surrounding Campbell is whether he will be taken in the first round. There are certainly plenty of teams that expressed an interest in him, including--of local note--the Cincinnati Bengals.

Johnnie Dixon

  • 5'10", 201 pounds, 30.25" arms, 9.625" hands
  • 4.41 second 40-yard dash, 16 bench press reps, 37.5" vertical, 120.0" broad jump, 4.43 second 20-yard shuttle

Michael Jordan

  • 6'6", 312 pounds, 34.25" arms, 10" hands
  • 5.27 second 40-yard dash, 19 bench press reps, 32.5" vertical jump, 116.0" broad jump, 7.71 second 3-cone drill, 4.71 second 20-yard shuttle
  • Prior to Jordan's appearance at the Combine, his dad took to Twitter to note the number of NFL hopefuls coming out of Ohio State this year...and simultaneously take a shot at Michigan.

Terry McLaurin

  • 6'0", 208 pounds, 31.5" arms, 9.125" hands
  • 4.35 second 40-yard dash, 18 bench press reps, 37.5" vertical jump, 125.0" broad jump, 7.01 second 3-cone drill, 4.15 second 20-yard shuttle
  • Scouts raved about McLaurin's performances in Senior Bowl workouts. He's now being described as a potential second-day pick and draft steal.

Isaiah Prince

  • 6'6", 305 pounds, 35.5" arms, 10.125" hands
  • 5.09 second 40-yard dash, 23 bench press reps, 27" vertical jump, 115.0" broad jump, 7.9 second 3-cone drill, 5.02 second 20-yard shuttle

Kendall Sheffield

  • 5'11", 193 pounds, 31.5" arms, 9.25" hands
  • No Combine results
  • Like Billy Price a year prior, Sheffield suffered a partial tear of his pectoral muscle at the Combine. Fortunately for Sheffield, unlike Price, the defensive back did not need surgery for the injury, and was able to workout for scouts at Ohio State.

The following players did not attend the NFL Combine, so we do not have official measurements/testing results for them.

Sean Nuernberger

  • Kickers aren't normally discussed at this time of year, but according to Eleven Warriors, Nuernberger was in contact with six different teams leading up to this year's draft.

Malcolm Pridgeon

Dante Booker

Demetrius Knox

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