William White's Teammates Honor His Fight

Former Buckeye football player William White has been diagnosed with ALS. Doctors, White points out, will usually tell ALS patients that they have 2-5 years left.

But White doesn't want you to feel sorry for him.

"Dude, I promise you God is not up there in heaven looking down and saying, 'Um. William, I did not see that coming," he told an audience at a ceremony being held in his honor Tuesday night.

This sincerely held belief that his disease is part of a larger plan is why inTeam, an arm of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, chose to bestow on White their 2019 "Inspiration Award."

Among those who spoke about White was former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.


Also at the ceremony, inTeam presented White with a $10,000 donation for his foundation, which sponsors ALS research.


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